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2018 Iowa Youth Championships
Muscatine, IA

Through week 3 of 4

Team, Division 1, Handicapped   
PlaceTeam nameScoreFrom
1Falcon All Stars2,664Muscatine USBC
2Bowlerama - No Names 22,636Gr Des Moines USBC Youth
3Pick Up Artists2,524Marshall County USBC Youth
4Terminators2,520Muscatine USBC
5Clarinda - Frontier Lanes 12,479Iowa State USBC A@L
6Incredibowls2,476Ottumwa USBC Youth
7Gambowlers2,456Council Bluffs USBC
8We Don't Care2,427Ottumwa USBC Youth
9Cadillac - Tharissa-Isms2,377Gr Cedar Valley USBC
10All Iowa Elite2,344Fort Dodge USBC Youth
Team, Division 2, Handicapped   
PlaceTeam nameScoreFrom
1Double A Glass2,884Keokuk USBC Youth
2Meyers & James Const.2,808Keokuk USBC Youth
3Carroll Bowl2,802Greene County USBC
4West Union - Lilac Lanes2,774Iowa State USBC A@L
5Leisure - Broken Hearts2,725Gr Davenport USBC Youth
6Dutch Letters2,706Pella USBC WBA
7David Couny Lanes2,585Davis County USBC Youth
8Pocket Pounders2,582Council Bluffs USBC
9Maple - Split Happens2,577Gr Cedar Valley USBC
10PH - Crushed It!2,571Gr Des Moines USBC Youth
11Half & Half2,568Ottumwa USBC Youth
1210 Pins Down2,562Ames Area USBC
13Air Lanes #42,561Gr Des Moines USBC Youth
143 Girls, A Guy & Fries2,560Council Bluffs USBC
15HARK2,559De Witt USBC Youth
16Don't Be Mad, Be Glad2,550Ottumwa USBC Youth
16Plaza - Rising From The Ashes2,550Gr Des Moines USBC Youth
18Throw Togethers2,541De Witt USBC Youth
19Sweet 16 Lanes2,540Le Mars USBC BA
20Maple - Betterlate Than Never2,537Gr Cedar Valley USBC
21Snapperheads2,526Clinton USBC Youth
21Monroe - Frosted Flakes2,526Iowa State USBC A@L
23May City - Hoodlums2,522Cedar Rapids USBC Youth
24Falcons2,519Muscatine USBC
25CRBC - Bowling Divas2,510Cedar Rapids USBC Youth
25Air Lanes #62,510Gr Des Moines USBC Youth
27The Mixers2,504Camanche USBC Youth
28Butter Busters2,500Council Bluffs USBC
29Muskie's2,492Muscatine USBC
30Queens And A King2,447Clinton USBC Youth
31Bowlerama - Your Next2,406Gr Des Moines USBC Youth
32Monday Nights2,335Muscatine USBC
32We Don't Give A Split2,335Council Bluffs USBC
34Bowlerama - Dysfunctional 42,314Gr Des Moines USBC Youth
35Clarinda - Frontier Lanes 22,309Iowa State USBC A@L
36CRBC - Little Kitties2,289Cedar Rapids USBC Youth
Team, Division 3, Handicapped   
PlaceTeam nameScoreFrom
1Ottumwa S.O.C.2,790Ottumwa USBC Youth
2JAAK2,763De Witt USBC Youth
3Pin Pushers2,761Sigourney USBC
4Glasscock Shooting Preserve2,737Keokuk USBC Youth
5Little Waite Lanes 12,735Shenandoah USBC
6Keokuk Contractors2,679Keokuk USBC Youth
7Pin Rockers2,678Burlington USBC WBA
8Flame2,673Burlington USBC WBA
9The Strykers2,669Council Bluffs USBC
9Clarinda - Frontier Lanes 42,669Iowa State USBC A@L
11Grace & The Backups2,656De Witt USBC Youth
12Bulldogs2,647Ottumwa USBC Youth
13Marengo - Sharp Shooters2,645Cedar Rapids USBC Youth
13The Boys2,645Marshall County USBC Youth
15Bowlerama - We Don't Give A Sp2,631Gr Des Moines USBC Youth
16Strikes & Spares2,626Council Bluffs USBC
17Team 112,614Ottumwa USBC Youth
18Air Lanes #52,586Gr Des Moines USBC Youth
19Alta - Split Kickers2,576Iowa State USBC A@L
20Pug Lords2,570De Witt USBC Youth
21Air Lanes #32,562Gr Des Moines USBC Youth
22Ogden - Pin Busters2,554Greene County USBC
23Strike Storm - Team 12,544Oskaloosa USBC
24PH - Team Butter Fingers2,521Gr Des Moines USBC Youth
25CRBC - #22,517Cedar Rapids USBC Youth
26Adel - Fun Crew2,510Gr Des Moines USBC Youth
27Monroe - Split Happens2,508Iowa State USBC A@L
28Major Shooters2,491Camanche USBC Youth
29King Pins2,484Fort Dodge USBC Youth
30Livin' On A Spare2,477Camanche USBC Youth
31Pin Heads2,458Fort Dodge USBC Youth
32The Outsiders2,446Marshall County USBC Youth
33X Men2,437Ames Area USBC
34Saturday Strikers2,433Ames Area USBC
34Clarinda - Frontier Lanes 32,433Iowa State USBC A@L
36Cadillac/Maple - Strikers2,431Gr Cedar Valley USBC
36Unholly Rollers2,431Fort Dodge USBC Youth
38Spare Me's2,401De Witt USBC Youth
39Wing Nuts2,387Gladbrook USBC
40NCIS2,370Council Bluffs USBC
41CRBC - Avenged Fourfold2,358Cedar Rapids USBC Youth
42Thr Four B's2,340Fort Dodge USBC Youth
43Bulldogettes2,293Ottumwa USBC Youth
Team, Division 4, Handicapped   
PlaceTeam nameScoreFrom
1May City - Stars2,755Cedar Rapids USBC Youth
2Mixed Up Bowlers2,668De Witt USBC Youth
3A. C Contracting LLC2,649Keokuk USBC Youth
4Massy Construction2,644Sanborn USBC
5Strike Force2,631Council Bluffs USBC
6Cadillac/Maple - Perfect Game2,605Gr Cedar Valley USBC
7Spare Us2,603Ames Area USBC
7Christensen Auto Detail2,603Greenfield USBC Youth
9No Names2,587Ames Area USBC
10Ogden - Plantom Strikers2,586Greene County USBC
10Winners2,586Greene County USBC
12Tri-Tech2,571Keokuk USBC Youth
13Orange Crushers2,567Camanche USBC Youth
14Raptors2,552Council Bluffs USBC
15IDK2,544Eagle Grove YABA
16Monroe - Bowling Stones2,525Iowa State USBC A@L
17Bowlerama - No Names 12,514Gr Des Moines USBC Youth
18West Union - Pin Wizards2,505Iowa State USBC A@L
19The Imperial Squad2,504Camanche USBC Youth
20Embracin It @ 512482,495Sanborn USBC
20Split Happens2,495Cresco USBC Youth
22The Trouble Makers2,489Burlington USBC WBA
23Little Rascals2,488Greene County USBC
24Pin Pals2,486Monticello USBC
25No Splits2,472De Witt USBC Youth
26Air Lanes #12,453Gr Des Moines USBC Youth
27Censor Bar2,450Fort Dodge USBC Youth
28Marengo - Super Strikers2,442Cedar Rapids USBC Youth
29L.A.M.M.2,439Camanche USBC Youth
30Alderson Tractor2,411Sigourney USBC
31CRBC - Team 12,401Cedar Rapids USBC Youth
32Little Waite Lanes 22,395Shenandoah USBC
33Bobcat Pin Getters2,385Marshall County USBC Youth
34Dodgers2,381Fort Dodge USBC Youth
35Ottumwa - IDK2,376Ottumwa USBC Youth
36Full Force2,367Cresco USBC Youth
37Strikers2,342Gladbrook USBC
38Outkast2,339Muscatine USBC
39The Holmes + 12,330De Witt USBC Youth
Team, Division 5, Handicapped   
PlaceTeam nameScoreFrom
1Roughnecks2,734Greene County USBC
2DeWitt Mix-Ups2,685De Witt USBC Youth
3Arrowhead Bowl2,656Keokuk USBC Youth
4Livin' On A Spare2,650Sigourney USBC
5Little Eagles2,618Eagle Grove YABA
6Bowlmor - Boys2,613Gr Davenport USBC Youth
7Dream Team Of Bowl-Mor2,606Sanborn USBC
8The Big Hitters2,591Burlington USBC WBA
9The Leprechans2,578Muscatine USBC
10Bloomfield Fire Dept.2,567Clarke & Decatur USBC
11Liberty Lanes2,535Spencer USBC
1130-Big River - Pin Spinners2,535Gr Davenport USBC Youth
13Team #12,528Muscatine USBC
14Split Happens2,525Ames Area USBC
15Mystery Bowlers2,516Cresco USBC Youth
16Spare Wars2,513Sigourney USBC
17The Punishers2,508Burlington USBC WBA
18Niners2,492Fort Dodge USBC Youth
19Strike Storm - Team 32,482Oskaloosa USBC
20Room-4-More2,481Keokuk USBC Youth
21Air Lanes - #22,473Gr Des Moines USBC Youth
22Misfits2,471Muscatine USBC
23The Air Heads2,467Gladbrook USBC
24Packers2,460Gladbrook USBC
25Saber Pinheads2,454De Witt USBC Youth
26Ideal Ready Mix2,415Keokuk USBC Youth
27Lucky Strikes2,407Cresco USBC Youth
28Bad Boys Of Bowl-Mor2,396Sanborn USBC
29The Rockets2,391Burlington USBC WBA
30Rolling Thunder2,385Council Bluffs USBC
31Doggos2,382Council Bluffs USBC
32Pin Crushers2,371Fort Dodge USBC Youth
33May/CRBC - Mixed2,369Cedar Rapids USBC Youth
Team, Division 6, Handicapped   
PlaceTeam nameScoreFrom
1Big Bowlers2,665Sigourney USBC
2Kings2,624Greene County USBC
3Shazam2,609Burlington USBC WBA
4Bad Boy Bowlers2,586Cresco USBC Youth
5Bantam King Pins2,583Burlington USBC WBA
6Girls & Boys2,481De Witt USBC Youth
7YL Pen Pals2,471Ottumwa USBC Youth
8Alta - High Rollers2,453Iowa State USBC A@L
9CRBC - Iowa Cubs2,366Cedar Rapids USBC Youth
10Bowling Strikers2,309Cresco USBC Youth
11Alta - Girl Power2,298Iowa State USBC A@L
Team, Scratch, Scratch   
PlaceTeam nameScoreFrom
1Dansco Contracting2,600Keokuk USBC Youth
2Maple - Ricky Bobby2,595Gr Cedar Valley USBC
3#Plaza Strong2,470Gr Des Moines USBC Youth
4Jo's Guys2,462Council Bluffs USBC
5Strike Storm - Team 22,409Oskaloosa USBC
6Dilly Dilly2,407Le Mars USBC WBA
7Cherry Lanes - Stang Gang2,390Dubuqueland USBC Youth
8#Plaza Strong 42,366Gr Des Moines USBC Youth
9Jay's Slaves2,250Camanche USBC Youth
10Lancer - Shooky Dooky2,159Cedar Rapids USBC Youth
11River Kings2,149Clinton USBC Youth
12LLGD2,074Marshall County USBC Youth